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This is a course for people who are serious about their aspirations to produce high quality electronic music. In classes of no more than seven people, the Garnish student gets tutored by top-drawer electronic music producers and DJs. They also get the chance to record and release tracks, partake in remix projects and compose and create for all manner of media, like computer game soundtracks and advertisements.

As well as homework, and the 360 hours of time in the classroom (that incorporate timely mentoring sessions), course participants get to write and produce, mix, and master their own project, then learn all about the process of releasing and promoting it! In other words, they will participate and deliver an entire project from conception to finished master – and routes to market.

Garnish is proud to be the first music production school (in the world) to be able to offer the Music Grades System as recognition of achievement in music production. All Academy students will be entered for a Grade 6, 7, or 8 exam at the successful conclusion of their program, and you can find out more about these grades here. If UK music production qualifications do not obviously pertain to our students’ goals, they (and perhaps more so their parents) can be rest assured that our music production program meets a national standard of accreditation.

Beats & Pieces

Within weeks into class, you will be working your way around your DAW, as it serves you long-term as one of your most essential creative tools. Through a practical hands-on teaching style. You will explore key concepts, such as MIDI programming, sampling, audio manipulation and arranging.

If you do not know which DAW to choose, fear not, as we have experts who can advise you, once we know a bit more about you.

“I switched to Ableton from Logic many years ago, but recently I’ve been missing Logic, so I decided to brush up to get the best of both worlds. I called Garnish, of course and the guys were great and got me back up to speed in no time” Jamie Jones

Music Composition

You will learn the building blocks of music composition, making you a more efficient producer, even if you already have some music theory background.

Learn and program chords which work well together, discover catchy lead-lines and bass-lines that groove.

Classically trained students who have taken this course repeatedly tell us how this part of the program has given them new tools and techniques.

Audio Engineering

Become grounded in audio engineering and recording with essential techniques and tricks of the trade. This part of the course emphasizes correct recording practices of love instruments, as well as synths. What microphones to use and why, audio interfaces, sample rates and bit depths, monitor speakers and room acoustics.

Mixing & Mastering

Know your space; learn the fundamentals behind acoustics and how to correctly stage your studio for cleaner and better sound. Then get your hands dirty with dynamic controllers, in-depth EQ, making the most of the frequency spectrum, mixing vocals, expanding song elements, creating cohesive sound, and awesome professional plugins, including our software partners, FabFilter.

Electronic Sound Design

While even many pro electronic producers stick with only subtractive synthesis during their career, you will go beyond by exploring subtractive, granular, additive, wavetable, and frequency modulated synthesis. This section also covers sampling, glitch, resampling, and additional beat-making techniques to broaden your sound.


Struggling to write songs that contend with the hits? Reading songwriting books and watching endless hours of Youtube tutorials don’t seem to be making a difference? Our Top-Line Songwriting module advances your songwriting abilities with a direct approach and advice that other sources neglect to share, bringing the hit songwriter out in you!

Build Beats Better

Our entire Build Beats Better program is included in our Academy. It consists of:-

  • Rhythm Section Programming – Think like a drummer or a strummer: Program beats, riffs, and fills that sound like… well… beats, riffs, and fills.
  • Vocal Production – Record, produce, and mix a quality vocal — mic technique, editing mastery, tuning & mixing vocals and a virtual studio visit with a vocalist at work.
  • Electronic Essentials – Bend electronic instruments to your will: Create groundbreaking dance music in any DAW. We cover the foundations of House, Techno, Tech-House, EDM and Bass.
  • Hip Hop Production – Learn how to record, write, collaborate, and produce Hip Hop! Styles include Boom Bap, East Coast, West Coast, Southern, and Trap. Explore and craft the skills to make your drums knock and your 808s rumble.
  • Cinematix – Sweet strings, thundering percussion, splatty horns: The secret tools and techniques used by professionals to create powerful and lifelike virtual orchestrations.
  • Release Party – Put that final polish on your mix. Learn the art of mastering, meta-tags and album art, and then get it to land safely in all the right places.
Live Performance

You will learn advanced MIDI techniques, and discover how to use Ableton Live to set up to perform your project. Over 21s will be invited to perform their masterpieces at our club night.

Free Unlimited Short Course Membership

All Academy learners at Garnish will gain a free unlimited membership for our shorter production courses, worldwide. This means you can take as many 36-hour (and below) music production courses at Garnish locations and online for just the registration fee, with no cap on volume or time! Our offer is valid as long as there is availability at your chosen participating school.

More Free Stuff!

Thanks to our exclusive licensing partnerships and certified status with brands such as Ableton, we have assembled a range of specialized assets: synthesizers, effects, and samples for Garnish Academy students. These instruments and sounds allow us to teach producers, side by side, using the same sets of expanded resources. Our constantly evolving license-partners and content producers add thousands of dollars to the value of our Producer and Academy courses. Many of these products are yours to keep. Others are free to use while you learn and are then eligible for exclusive upgrades at a fraction of their regular price.

We have our very own boutique sample label Lazerdisk Sound. Garnish students get all of our packs (mostly written and produced by Garnish instructors) for free, and an exclusive pack just for Garnish students not sold on the site! It’s recorded individual keys from Mark Ronson’s Mellotron M4000D, which our label chief Zack Johnson meticulously recorded in Mark’s studio in Hollywood. Thank you Zack and Mark!


Over 360 hours of tuition | €300 registration fee + €9999

Use the ‘CONNECT’ button below to request schedule information for our classes. One of our placement experts will follow up within a business day. For one-to-one lessons, see our Barcelona music production private tuition page.

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