UK A-level/Level 3 Music Production Course

UK A-level/Level 3 Music Production Course | Barcelona

Attention all British ex-pat students in Barcelona! Are you passionate about music production and want to stay in the UK education system? Look no further because we have an incredible opportunity for you!

Introducing our exclusive program designed specifically for British ex-pat students in Barcelona, and surround area, who want to study music production and earn A-level/BTEC equivalent qualifications, recognised by the UK education system. This is your chance to combine your love for music with high-quality UK education.

Here’re some highlights:

🇬🇧 UK Qualifications: By enroling in our course, you can earn Level 3 (A-level and BTEC equivalent) qualifications from the UK, providing you with the same UCAS Tariff points, as equivalent A-levels. These qualifications can be a stepping stone towards further studies in the UK, or a pathway into the music industry, both in the UK and around the globe.

🎛 Specialised Music Production Curriculum: Our program focuses on music production, offering a comprehensive and hands-on curriculum tailored to your interests and aspirations. You will learn the ins and outs of music production techniques, audio engineering, mixing, mastering, and more. With access to state-of-the-art equipment and industry-standard software, you’ll gain practical skills that will set you apart in the competitive music industry.

🧑‍🏫 Experienced and Passionate Teachers: Our faculty consists of experienced industry professionals who are passionate about music and dedicated to your success. They bring a wealth of knowledge and real-world expertise to the classroom, ensuring that you receive top-notch education and guidance throughout your journey. From technical skills to industry insights, our team will empower you to reach your full potential.

🤝 Networking and Industry Connections: As part of our course, you’ll have unique opportunities to connect with professionals, guest speakers, and fellow students who share your passion for music production. Building a network within the music industry is invaluable, and we provide the platform for you to do just that.

🌉 Cultural Bridge: Our program serves as a bridge between your British background and the vibrant music scene in the USA. You’ll have the chance to explore diverse musical genres, collaborate with musicians from different cultures, and gain a global perspective on the music industry. This cross-cultural experience will broaden your horizons and enrich your creative process.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to pursue your passion for music production, while earning Level 3 qualifications, recognised by the UK education system, and take the first step towards a successful path in music.

Contact us now to learn more about our program, admissions process. We’re here to support you in your journey to becoming a skilled music producer with a world-class education. ‘Do’ what you LOVE in Barcelona!

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    The course does a good job of expressing the importance of all aspects of music. Art of flow, synthesis, business, and marketing/branding are all building blocks of the aspiring musician pyramid. Armed with knowledge from each category (and of course good work ethic), anyone can navigate the long, crazy road to becoming a successful and happy musician.

    Daniel Ferenbach

    Class sizes were perfect, so there was a great balance of one on one instruction and instruction on broad topics.

    Adam Booker

    The course was very enjoyable, challenging, and fulfilling. The Garnish School is a great space to learn the fundamentals essential to becoming a strong, well-developed music producer. The instructors took the time to teach & explain complex software techniques, and designed special classes to illustrate specific aspects of music making,  and vocal recording techniques. The instructors were varied in their careers & producing styles, making for well-rounded instruction. The instructors were fun to engage with and were interested in building the students and our experiences. I'm so happy this school came to LA from London, and that I made the commitment to complete this course. I feel ready to jump forward and continue working on my music. Thanks to all the Garnish instructors and to Dave for creating this fantastic school!

    Spencer Barnes @jaemisson

    The Electronic Music Academy is a good time and super informative. I've been writing and producing music for the past year. There was so much I wanted to transcribe from my mind to my DAW, but I just didn't fully know how. Fortunately, the EMA course changed that in just a few short weeks. Very exciting! Not to mention the Garnish LA folks are super cool.

    Patricia Seely

    I came in knowing literally nothing and now I can make a quality track in just a day or two. Simple as that.

    Jason Heffler @fluenceemusic

    The course helped me learn exactly what I wanted to learn and more. It was super hands-on, which will help me retain what I learned in the course for a long time.

    Benjamin S Shirken

    I loved the small classes that made it easy to interact with the instructor and let you tailor the course to your needs and areas of improvement.


    I went to school at Stanford for three years and had been taught by many great professors. But I'm thoroughly convinced that my Ableton teacher in the Electronic Music Academy was the best teacher I've ever had. The way he mixes new content, exercises, and little projects is really affective, and I felt like I could do pretty much whatever I want in Ableton.

    William Huang

    A lot of knowledgable teachers that are down to earth and easy going… amazing school all round!

    Anthony C